It’s an iced coffee date with your bestie. 
It’s your hype song, on repeat.
It’s the first shimmy into your new gym fit. 
Alitah State is athleisure designed to make you feel good.

It’s an iced coffee date with your bestie. It’s your hype song, on repeat. It’s the first shimmy into your new gym fit. Alitah State is athleisure designed to make you feel good.

  • We Get It

    Your drawer is already stuffed with activewear, but where’s the pair you love? The leggings you’ll rewear everyday and recommend to everyone you can? That’s what we’re about — less stuff, better gear, more fun. Dreamt by entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer and former coach Revelyn Schulz (aka Revie Jane), Alitah State is slow athleisure, with heart. Kinder product that lasts longer. Dedicated to you, and whatever you like to do.

They say nothing worth having comes easy

Lucky we love a challenge

  • Size Inclusive

    Lifelong friendships. Sleep-ins when you have kids. Athleisure that’s inclusive and responsible. Some things are worth the work. When Revie couldn’t find an athleisure label that was ethical in its production, eco-conscious in its practices, striving to be size inclusive and stocked in styles she wanted to live in, she got moving to create her own, dodging every hurdle, challenge and curveball thrown her way. Guess all that training came in handy.
  • Sustainable Start-up

    We’ve taken our first steps to be a sustainable start-up in a not-so-sustainable space. That said, we respect this a bigger conversation and there’s always more to be done. You can read more about our efforts via the link below, but believe us when we say: we’re just getting started.
  • A love note from your main hype girl.

    Even on an assault bike — my life literally flashing before my eyes — I still see my daily training session as 60 minutes of solace and peace. This is what exercise has always been for me, even as a child: an hour where the chaos of life melts away. Like many, I faced some heavy stuff when I was young, and sport was my saviour. As I grew, I came to learn fitness is a bridge between a lost soul and self-love; a secret passage I wish every woman knew about. Soon, I was able to share it with the women around me, first studying fitness and opening my own female exclusive gym, and now, unleashing Alitah State to the world to encourage women to embrace themselves, their femininity and their power. This is a brand that celebrates your strength, helps you see your beauty, and creates a space where you feel seen and heard, every day.

    Love, Revie x